12 Best Manifestation Podcasts in 2023

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In the age of digital media, podcasts have emerged as a powerful source of inspiration, learning, and personal growth. They offer valuable nuggets of wisdom right at your fingertips – often transforming your daily commutes, workout sessions, or household chores into more enriching experiences.

Among these, manifestation podcasts stand out with their life-altering potential. They delve deep into the art of manifesting and how you can bring your deepest desires and dreams into reality by harnessing the power of your thoughts and emotions.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the best manifestation podcasts available today. Whether you’re a manifestation novice or a seasoned practitioner, these podcasts offer a wealth of insights that can empower you to create the life you’ve always envisioned.  


What Are the Best Manifestation Podcasts?

The following podcasts were chosen based on their popularity, ratings and reviews, relevance to the topic, and the quality of content provided. These podcasts offer a wealth of knowledge, expert interviews, and real-life success stories to guide you on your journey.

It’s worth mentioning that this list is not in any particular order, as each podcast offers unique perspectives and valuable insights on manifestation. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the twelve best manifestation podcasts for 2023.

1. The Manifestation Podcast with Peggy McColl

The Manifestation Podcast

The Manifestation Podcast is a treasure trove of wisdom for anyone on a journey to manifest their dreams and desires.

Peggy McColl, a New York Times best-selling author and manifestation mentor, shares her insights, techniques, and strategies with a touch of joy and ease that’s truly infectious.

With a total of 98 episodes spanning from March 2020 to 2021, Peggy covers a wide range of topics, from her personal experiences in manifesting her first home, to exploring the common blocks to success, and tackling fears and doubts. She delves into the art of goal-setting and achievement and offers practical advice that can be applied to various aspects of life.

Peggy’s engaging interviews with manifestation experts like Janet-Lynn Morrison, author of Forever’s Today, and Oscar award-winning producer Phil Goldfine, founder of Hollywood Media Bridge, truly sets this podcast apart.

As you listen to The Manifestation Podcast, you’ll not only gain practical tools for manifesting your dreams, but also feel inspired by Peggy’s genuine passion for helping others achieve their goals.

2. Money, Mindset & Manifestation with Marley Rose Harris

Money Mindset & Manifestation

Money, Mindset & Manifestation is a must-listen podcast for ambitious women seeking to manifest their dream lives. Hosted by Marley Rose Harris, this manifestation and freedom-focused podcast is a treasure trove of inspiration, tools, and resources.

Marley covers a wide array of topics – including how to discern your intuition from your ego, uncovering the blocks hindering your manifestations, and the strategies to build a successful 7-figure online business.

There are a few interviews sprinkled throughout, such as conversations with Reese Evans, the owner of the multi-million-dollar coaching company Yes Supply, as well as a heartfelt discussion with Marley’s own mother, where they explore profound questions about life.

Marley’s journey from deciding to pass up corporate life in London, Ontario, to becoming a successful entrepreneur is both inspiring and relatable. Her personal story adds depth to the podcast’s content as she shares her experiences and the lessons learned along the way.

Money, Mindset & Manifestation with Marley Rose Harris is a valuable resource for anyone looking to build a thriving online business and live with purpose, abundance, and joy.

3. Manifest Daily with Dheandra Nicolette

Manifest Daily

Manifest Daily is a delightfully fun and expressive podcast that brims with positive energy and a refreshing dose of authenticity. Hosted by Dheandra Nicolette, this lifestyle podcast is a warm invitation to return to your highest self and live your best life.

Dheandra’s infectious energy infuses each episode with a sense of joy and authenticity that’s truly endearing – be prepared to be called a “love-muffin”!

The podcast covers a wide spectrum of topics, making it a comprehensive guide to personal growth and transformation. Some topics include habits for manifesting your dream life, thought-provoking discussions on women’s roles in our society, and intimate “sleepover” episodes that explore topics like sexuality and unconventional life choices like dropping out of school.

This manifestation podcast also features engaging interviews with experts in fields such as astrology and TV personalities, which adds welcome depth and variety.

Starting from her parent’s basement in early 2019, the podcast has grown into a global source of inspiration that touches hearts in over 150 countries. Dheandra’s unique ability to blend manifestation and grounded goal-setting has turned her podcast into a treasure trove of inspiration and practical advice.

4. The Manifestation Collective with Victoria Jackson

The Manifestation Collective

The Manifestation Collective podcast effortlessly combines spirituality with actionable strategies for manifesting your dreams and desires. Hosted by Victoria Jackson, a certified mindset coach, EFT practitioner, manifestation guide, and author, this podcast is a goldmine of insights and inspiration.

Victoria is masterful at translating esoteric concepts into actionable steps. She covers a wide range of topics, such as harnessing divine downloads from the universe, performing effective money manifestation rituals, and sharing the valuable lessons learned from her own journey with the law of attraction.

Her journey from a burnt-out editor of a men’s fashion magazine to a life filled with purpose and abundance is a testament to the power of manifestation.

Victoria’s warmth, authenticity, and deep knowledge make The Manifestation Collective podcast a valuable resource for anyone looking to manifest a life they truly love, without the need for hustle or millions in the bank.

5. Manifest with Sarah Prout

Manifest with Sarah Prout

Manifest with Sarah Prout radiates inspiration and empowerment. Hosted by Sarah Prout, the bestselling author of Dear Universe, this top manifestation podcast delivers a weekly dose of motivation and insights.

Sarah Prout’s personal journey from living on welfare to creating a million-dollar business is a testament to the transformative potential of mindset and manifestation.

Each episode is a reminder that we hold the key to our destiny, and when we align with the energy of the universe, we can attract abundance and manifest our dreams. Whether it’s through world-class online courses, mentoring programs, bestselling books, or this podcast, Sarah’s mission is clear: to help individuals manifest health, wealth, love, and the life of their wildest dreams.

Sarah’s genuine and relatable approach shines through her manifestation podcast, making complex metaphysical concepts accessible to all. Listen to her podcast, and you’ll discover that the power to create your own reality is within your reach.

6. Awaken & Manifest Your Best Life with Ashley Aliff

Awaken and Manifest

Awaken & Manifest Your Best Life is your weekly dose of inspiration and practical spirituality. Hosted by empowerment mindset coach and manifestation expert Ashley Aliff, this podcast invites you to explore the realms of spiritual awakening, energy healing, and manifestation in an authentic and down-to-earth way.

Ashley’s vibrant energy and genuine approach make this podcast a refreshing resource for those seeking to connect with their inner wisdom, unlock their manifesting potential, and navigate their spiritual journey.

With topics ranging from grounding manifestation techniques to distinguishing true guidance from external noise, Ashley provides actionable advice and insights you can apply in your everyday life.

Ashley’s personal journey from discovering the energetic and spiritual dimensions of life is both fascinating and inspiring. Her experiences with seeing and feeling energy, ascension symptoms, and out-of-body experiences led her to explore the chakra system and delve deeper into understanding energy.

If you’re seeking authentic advice on spiritual awakening – with more substance and less gibberish – then Awaken & Manifest Your Best Life is the perfect companion for your transformation.

7. School of Greatness with Lewis Howes

School of Greatness

The School of Greatness is an extraordinary podcast run by Lewis Howes, a New York Times best-selling author, former All-American athlete, and entrepreneur. He interviews with some of the world’s most accomplished individuals from various fields – including business, entertainment, sports, science, health, and literature.

With a mission to help you unlock your inner greatness and live your best life, this podcast delivers incredible insights and wisdom from remarkable guests like Tony Robbins, Alanis Morissette, and Arianna Huffington. Many of whom, talk about the power of manifesting and how they use it to create success in their lives.

Whether you’re interested in entrepreneurship, fitness, spirituality, or personal development, you’ll find engaging discussions on a wide range of topics that can positively impact your life.

Lewis Howes’s own journey of overcoming adversity and fear following a career-ending injury, to finding his passion through meaningful connection with others, can resonate with anyone striving for greatness through challenging times.

If you’re seeking inspiration, motivation, and actionable advice to enhance your life, the School of Greatness is a must-listen podcast. It has already garnered millions of downloads and continues to inspire listeners worldwide.

8. The Expanded Podcast by To Be Magnetic

Expanded Podcast

The Expanded Podcast by To Be Magnetic is a groundbreaking manifestation podcast that delves deep into the science and psychology behind manifesting your desires.

Presented by Lacy Phillips, the founder of To Be Magnetic (TBM), and Jessica Gill, TBM’s media director, this podcast explores the depths of manifestation using Neural Manifestation. This approach is firmly grounded in the realms of neuroscience, psychology, epigenetics, and energetics.

While spirituality plays a role, the podcast primarily focuses on demystifying manifestation and empowering you to take control of your life. You’ll explore topics like inner child healing, shadow work, reprogramming your subconscious mind, creating clarity, harnessing intuition, and embracing personal boundaries.

With the goal of expanding beyond limiting beliefs, the show features interviews with experts, thought leaders, spiritual teachers, and scientists. These interviews offer valuable insights and practical tools for unlocking your full potential and manifesting your deepest desires.

This spiritual and lifestyle podcast will help you broaden your subconscious horizons and encourage you to believe that anything is possible.

9. Law of Attraction Changed My Life with Francesca Amber

LOA Changed My Life

Francesca Amber, the unfiltered and authentic host of Law of Attraction Changed My Life, invites you into her world of manifestation without the fluff and frills. Francesca delivers weekly sessions that are both enlightening and entertaining, and assures you that the law of attraction is not a cult!

This UK-based podcast takes a refreshingly blunt approach to manifestation. It covers topics like lunar manifestation, awakening your inner goddess, and utilizing the “lucky girl syndrome.”

As a mother of three girls, a law of attraction podcaster, and the host of the UK’s number one self-development book club, Francesca Amber’s journey with the law of attraction has spanned over 15 years and has profoundly changing her life. She claims to have manifested her ex-husband and even altered the gender of her twins through her manifestation prowess.

Francesca, often described brings a down-to-earth, no-nonsense perspective to the manifestation game. She prefers manifestation hacks that require minimal time and effort, making it accessible to busy individuals. From feng shui cash-encouraging tricks to recording daily affirmations on your phone, Francesca shares practical techniques that will resonate with your busy lifestyle.

Francesca’s enthusiasm and determination to improve her life while inspiring others is undeniable. She’ll be a relatable and humorous guide on your journey to manifesting your desires.

10. Science & Spirituality with Chris & Kevin Carton

Science and Spirituality

Join Chris and Kevin Carton on an enlightening journey through the realms of Science & Spirituality. These brothers bring over 30 years of a unique and evolving relationship to the table, infusing their discussions with a refreshing sense of fun and playfulness.

In the Science & Spirituality Podcast, prepare to have your mind expanded as they delve into universal spiritual principles, all while grounding them in the realm of modern science. Their approach challenges you to think beyond conventional boundaries and offers practical tips you can immediately apply to your life and personal development.

These episodes are not your typical spiritual discussions. You’ll dive deep into topics like “How a dark night of the soul can reveal your true purpose”, “The raw side of spirituality”, and “What to do when you feel lost in life.”

Kevin Carton, often compared to a young Bob Proctor and the next Tony Robbins, specializes in helping individuals uncover and live their soul’s purpose. His coaching programs have empowered thousands of individuals to break through limitations and achieve exceptional results.

In this podcast, the Carton brothers seamlessly blend spiritual insights with scientific evidence, including neuroscience, quantum physics, and metaphysics. Each episode promises to leave you with an expanded consciousness and actionable takeaways you can integrate into your life.

11. The Manifestation Babe with Kathrin Zenkina

Manifestation Babe

Kathrin Zenkina, the master manifestation and mindset coach behind the Manifestation Babe podcast, is on a mission to empower ambitious women to unapologetically create and live their best lives.

Kathrin shares her wealth of practical tips, spiritual advice, and energetic hacks – all designed to lead you to your next breakthrough. Her podcast is a sanctuary for those who are ready to defy conventional logic and manifest their impossible dreams.

What sets Kathrin apart is her authenticity. She embraces her femininity and motherhood while sharing inspiring interviews that showcase individuals who have manifested their dreams – from overcoming poverty mindset in order to create a life of abundance, to manifesting soul mate friends, and even turning Shark Tank dreams into reality!

With a background that includes rising from a childhood of poverty, bullying, and personal struggles, Kathrin’s journey to becoming a multi-millionaire and leading manifestation expert is both inspiring and a testament to the power within us to overcome our circumstances.

As the CEO of Manifestation Babe and a #1 Amazon bestselling author, Kathrin Zenkina’s podcast is a treasure trove of wisdom and inspiration. If you’re ready to break free from limitations and embrace your true potential, the Manifestation Babe podcast is a must-listen.

12. Activate Your Wealth Show with Corrina Steward

Activate Your Wealth

Corrina Steward’s Activate Your Wealth Show is a transformative journey into the realms of money consciousness and wealth activation. As a Soul Wealth Coach, Corrina delves deep into the secrets of unlocking wealth quickly – making it a must-listen for transformational leaders, entrepreneurs, and abundance seekers alike.

Corrina introduces her audience to the four money codes that are essential to create abundance and wealth. She doesn’t shy away from unconventional approaches to breaking through money blocks, such as addressing concepts like “money is god” and introducing a fascinating perspective of “why you need god’s law to make more money.”

While Corrina primarily coaches women on their path to financial empowerment, her podcast serves as a valuable resource in itself. Many listeners find precisely what they need to transform their money mindset simply by tuning in.

Corrina Steward’s journey, marked by a near-death experience during childbirth, has gifted her with profound insights into the spiritual blueprint of wealth. Her work focuses on helping women overcome their fear of being seen and unlocking their unique skills and power, which will ultimately propel them towards financial abundance.

What Are Manifestation Podcasts?

The overarching purpose of a manifestation podcast is to empower listeners to harness their inner potential, overcome limitations, and manifest their dreams and goals.

These podcasts often feature hosts who are experts, coaches, or individuals with personal success stories in the realm of manifestation. They provide practical tips, spiritual guidance, and real-life examples to help listeners navigate the journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

Whether you’re seeking financial prosperity, better health, fulfilling relationships, or personal transformation, manifestation podcasts offer a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to support your journey toward manifesting your best life.

How Can Manifestation Podcasts Benefit You?

Here are some key advantages of tuning in to a manifestation podcast:

1. Empowerment and Inspiration – They are brimming with inspirational stories, practical advice, and empowering insights. These podcasts can uplift your spirits, boost your confidence, and motivate you to take action towards your goals and personal development.

2. Mindset Transformation – Many podcasts delve into the power of mindset and how it influences your reality. By absorbing these teachings and learning new mindset tools, you can learn to identify and shift limiting beliefs, which will ultimately lead to a more positive and abundance-oriented mindset.

3. Practical Techniques – Podcast hosts often share practical manifestation practices and exercises that you can implement in your daily life. These tools may include visualization, affirmations, gratitude practices, and more.

4. Stress Reduction – Learning to manifest with intention and purpose can reduce stress and anxiety by providing a sense of control over your life’s direction. Manifestation podcasts offer strategies for managing stress and enhancing your overall well-being.

5. Community and Support – Many manifestation podcasts foster a sense of community among listeners. You can connect with like-minded individuals, share experiences, and receive support on your manifestation journey.

6. Financial Abundance – For those wanting specifically to manifest money and financial freedom, manifestation podcasts offer valuable insights into wealth creation, money management, and abundance mindset practices.

Final Thoughts

Manifestation podcasts offer a plethora of resources to guide you on your journey of self-development and goal realization. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, practical techniques, or a transformational shift in your mindset, you’ll find it in one of the favourite manifestation podcasts we’ve explored in this blog post.

Tuning into these podcasts will help you take a proactive step towards unlocking your full potential and creating the life of your dreams.

The power to manifest your desires lies within you it just takes a bit of courage, commitment, and support to tap into it.

Happy listening!




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