Best Manifestation Journals for 2024

Finding the best manifestation journal for you might seem daunting at first. But consistent journaling can be a transformative experience and well worth trying out.

You may wonder how simple pen and paper could bring about any dramatic changes in your life. Yet, when used correctly, the best manifestation journals are powerful tools to help create what you most desire.

When it comes to manifestation journals, there’s no single approach that works for everyone. Each type has its own unique purpose and benefits. 

The purpose of this article is to highlight some of the best manifestation journals available, and how to use them most effectively.

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What Are the Best Manifestation Journals?

If you do an online search for manifestation journals, you’ll be met with a ton of choices. So how to choose just one? 

I took a hard look at the best options available in the market today. Each manifestation journal that I’ve included in this list was carefully chosen based on its unique features, effectiveness, and user reviews. 

Ready to find your perfect journal? Then read on.

1. Project 369: The Key to the Universe

Best 369 Manifestation Method Journal

Best Manifestation Journals for 2023 | Manifest a Perfect Life

If any manifestation journal has gained cult status, this is it. Take a look at the rave reviews on their site and you’ll see this journal has truly changed a lot of people’s lives. 

As the name suggests, the Project 369 journal is based on the 369 manifestation method, where you write an affirmation or desire down three times in the morning, six times during the day, and nine times before going to bed. 

This attraction manifestation journal provides space to journal for 30 days. However, it’s undated, so you can fill in the date as you go. And if you skip a couple days, it’s fine to pick up where you left off.

It also includes some background information on accessing your subconscious mind, the significance of 369 and numerology, and getting the most out of the journal.

Key Benefits

  • Space to write your affirmations and desires each day.
  • Undated, so you can start or come back to your journaling at any time.
  • A suggested theme for each day, with supporting information and exercises you can do.
  • Helpful prompts for crafting your daily affirmations on a variety of topics.
  • Inspirational quotes and examples.
  • A YouTube channel with guided meditation videos to help support your manifestation process.

The Project 369 journal is a great all-in-one tool for those looking to harness the power of the 369 manifestation method – providing space to write your daily affirmations, valuable tips for creating your affirmations, and supporting information to guide you on your manifestation journey.

2. Manifestation Planner: Life and Goal Planner

Best Life and Attraction Planner

Best Manifestation Journals for 2023 | Manifest a Perfect Life

The Manifestation Planner is a planner, rather than a true journal. But it deserves to be mentioned here because it’s an exceptional resource to help you create the life you want.

It offers a structured platform and guided workbook to set and track your goals over a 12-month period. It’s undated, so you can start your journey at any time. 

The planner includes sections for monthly and weekly planning, vision boards, mind maps, and reflection pages – all designed to assist you in aligning your thoughts and desires with your day-to-day life. 

The sturdy, compact design ensures you can carry it with you, and the high-quality paper is perfect for both writing and sketching. It’s an all-encompassing tool for those looking to combine effective life planning with the power of manifestation.

Key Benefits

  • Weekly and monthly prompts to help you set clear goals for the year.
  • Fold-out vision board, stickers, success roadmap, 4 replaceable covers, daily affirmations and gratitude reminders, and many other helpful features.
  • Spiral bound so it lays flat while you work.
  • Comes with a booklet on 8 Proven Steps to Manifesting Your Dream Life.
  • Monthly reflection questionnaires to help you assess your progress and keep you on track to achieving your goals.
  • Habit tracking for building healthier habits and increasing productivity.

The Manifestation Planner is an ideal choice if you want a clear and structured approach to manifesting your goals.

3. The Five Minute Journal

Best Gratitude Journal 

Best Manifestation Journals for 2023 | Manifest a Perfect Life

With over 1.7 million copies sold worldwide, The Five Minute Journal is a true testament to the power of gratitude. With its simple, approachable format, it encourages you to start each day on a positive note. 

This original daily journal is organized with morning and evening sections to stimulate reflection upon waking and before sleeping. Each page offers inspiring quotes, daily gratitude prompts, and self-affirmation spaces. 

The journal’s intent is to help you cultivate a habit of appreciating the good in your life, which aligns your thought patterns with a focus on positivity and abundance. 

Key Benefits

  • Daily prompts for morning and evening gratitude practice.
  • A space to write daily affirmations to realign your mindset.
  • Inspirational quotes to start your day on a positive note.
  • Guided sections night reflections to help you review your day and plan for the next.
  • High-quality, sturdy design that can withstand daily use.

The Five Minute Journal is perfect for anyone looking to incorporate gratitude and positivity into their daily routine. 

4. Journal Your Way to Abundance: A Workbook for Manifesting Prosperity, Growth and Fulfillment through Guided Self-Discovery and Reflective Journaling

Best Reflective Journal for Manifesting Wealth and Abundance 

Best Manifestation Journals for 2023 | Manifest a Perfect Life

This manifestation journal and day guided workbook takes a holistic approach to manifesting wealth – focusing not just on monetary gain, but also on cultivating an abundance mindset. 

It provides various prompts and exercises to identify your beliefs around money, set financial goals, and transform your thought patterns to attract wealth. 

The journal also promotes mindfulness and gratitude practices to help maintain a positive attitude towards wealth creation, as well as a sense of meaning and purpose in your life.

Key Benefits

  • Daily prompts to guide you in defining your financial goals and strategies.
  • 12 unique chapters that cover a variety of topics, which keeps your journaling fresh and engaging each day.
  • Exercises for identifying and transforming limiting beliefs about money.
  • Gratitude reflections to help cultivate an abundance mindset.
  • Inspiring quotes on wealth and abundance to keep you motivated.

The Journal Your Way to Abundance journal is an excellent tool if you’re looking for a way to change your financial mindset and attract wealth into your life.

5. Awaken: A 90-Day Journal for Mindfulness, Self-Discovery, and Better Sleep

Best Sleep Manifestation Journal

Best Manifestation Journals for 2023 | Manifest a Perfect Life

If you ever struggle to get a good night’s sleep, this journal is for you. 

The Awaken journal is designed to help improve your sleep through mindfulness and self-discovery. It provides a 90-day guide with daily prompts and exercises aimed at developing habits and skills for enhanced sleep, focus, self-awareness, and productivity. 

The journal encourages you to reflect on your goals in the morning and explore the meaning of your dreams the night before. Then, it provides an evening section where you can reflect on the day and plan your goals for tomorrow. 

Key Benefits

  • Daily sleep tracking to see exactly how your sleep is doing.
  • Two-week focus areas that help you work on specific areas of personal growth.
  • Coloring pages to relax and unwind.
  • Dream analysis and gratitude prompts each day.
  • Inspirational quotes and sleep tips to keep you motivated and help you develop better sleep patterns.

The Awaken journal isn’t exactly a manifestation journal, but I wanted to include it here because sleep is so important for supporting a healthy and happy life. You can’t manifest effectively when you’re exhausted.

So if you’re looking to improve the quality of your sleep, give this journal a try.

6. Manifestation Digital Journal

Best Journal for Digital Devices

Best Manifestation Journals for 2023 | Manifest a Perfect Life

Digital manifestation journaling is another excellent option, particularly for those who aren’t able or don’t want to write in a physical journal.

This digital journal is easily accessible on any device, providing you with the flexibility to use it wherever you are – be it at home, at a café, or on break time at work. 

It comes with a total of 460 PDF pages that include a wide variety of different exercises and techniques to explore with your daily journaling.

The Manifestation Digital Journal requires a PDF annotation app in order to use it. But if you don’t have an app already, there are many free ones available online. Just do a search for “free PDF annotation app”, either for Android/PC or iPhone/Mac, and you’ll fine lots of options. 

Key Benefits

  • 365 daily journaling pages that are hyperlinked for easy navigation.
  • Multiple journaling prompts you can use if you don’t know what to write about.
  • Page and tab colors are fully customizable.
  • Monthly overview and reflection pages to keep you on track.
  • A variety of manifestation exercises and templates to experiment with.
  • Vision board, visualization prompts, abundance checks, gratitude logs, affirmations, and many other helpful features.
  • Comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

With the sheer number of features that come with the Manifestation Digital Journal, you’ll have a full manifestation toolbox at your fingertips.

7. The Manifestation Journal: A 369 Manifesting Journal for Women

Best Journal for Women

Best Manifestation Journals for 2023 | Manifest a Perfect Life

This reality manifestation journal is designed specifically with women in mind. It uses the 369 method of manifestation to help you focus on what you want to create in your life. 

The journal includes space to write 3 morning affirmations, 6 midday affirmations, and 9 affirmations in the evening. With a beautiful layout and easy-to-follow exercises, this journal has a lot to offer for both beginner and seasoned journalers. 

Key Benefits

  • Daily manifestation rituals to help establish your manifestation routine.
  • Self-assessment exercises for greater self-awareness and motivation as you progress.
  • Sections for morning, midday, and evening affirmations.
  • Prompts for daily affirmations, visualizations, and gratitude.
  • Scripting and energy work.
  • Vibe tracker to learn how your energy flows each day.

The Manifestation Journal: A 369 Manifesting Journal for Women is a wonderful choice for any woman looking to harness the power of manifestation in her life.

8. Manifestation Journal for Men

Best Journal for Men

Best Manifestation Journals for 2023 | Manifest a Perfect Life

This comprehensive journal includes a range of popular manifestation techniques that are well-suited for men. It also provides lots of practical guidance on how you can use these techniques to manifest your personal goals and desires. 

The Manifestation Journal for Men has ample space to record your personal thoughts and experiences as you work through the exercises and clarify your own goals.

With an emphasis on cultivating positive thoughts and staying focused on what you want to create, this journal can be a valuable tool for any man to achieve his personal and professional goals.

Key Benefits

  • Visualization exercises and room for a vision board.
  • Tools to eliminate negative thoughts and cultivate positive thoughts instead.
  • 33 days of gratitude challenge.
  • Daily guided manifestation prompts to inspire and motivate you in your manifestation journey.
  • Assorted exercises that cover a wide array of manifestation techniques, from the 5×55 method, to focus wheels, to affirmations.
  • Ho-oponopono exercise.
  • Habit tracking.

The Manifestation Journal for Men is a great option if you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by manifestation in general. It’s designed to give men the exact steps they’ll need to take to manifest their desires.

9. Manifestation Journal for Beginners

Best Journal for Beginners

Best Manifestation Journals for 2023 | Manifest a Perfect Life

As the name suggests, this is a great journal if you’re new to manifestation. 

It starts with a in-depth introduction of what manifestation is, some of the core manifestation methods, and how you can apply these to manifest your dreams.

The guided journaling pages include prompts for recording your intentions for the day, your action plan, and daily gratitudes. The pages are also undated, so you can start and stop as you wish. 

Key Benefits

  • A “Manifesting 101” section to help you get started with manifestation and the Law of Attraction.
  • Prompts and affirmations to guide your daily journaling.
  • Advice and exercises for getting the most out of your manifestation process.
  • Full-color pages, so it’s bright and fun to use.

The Manifestation Journal for Beginners is the perfect way to launch your manifestation journey!

10. Manifest Anything Journal

Best Guided Manifestation Journal

Best Manifestation Journals for 2023 | Manifest a Perfect Life

The Manifest Anything Journal takes manifestation to new depths. It starts with 6 sections on the ins and outs of manifestation and how it all works. 

Next, it provides space for 4 months of journaling, with unique and thought-provoking questions and prompts each month. 

And the final section details a variety of meditation tools and techniques that you can refer to at any time.

Whether you’re a new or experienced manifestor, this journal is excellent for creating a more focused and robust manifestation practice.

Key Benefits

  • Detailed journaling questions and prompts for deeper self-discovery.
  • Good variety of exercises, including tips on how to keep manifestation fun.
  • Weekly check-ins to reflect on your takeaways from the week, and to set your intentions for the following week.
  • Habit trackers and weekly goal setting.
  • Intricate design and premium quality finishing.

If you’re looking for an in-depth tool to assist with your manifestation journey, the Manifest Anything Journal is worth checking out.

11. Listen B*tch Affirmation Journal

Best Positive Affirmation Journal

Best Manifestation Journals for 2023 | Manifest a Perfect Life

The Listen B*tch Affirmation Journal may be just what you need to get motivated to take action on your dreams.

Filled with serious amounts of tough-love and a lot of heart, this journal takes a no-nonsense approach to affirmations – encouraging you to step up and claim the life you want.

Its pages are filled with guided prompts and powerful affirmations that will inspire you to become your most confident self.

Key Benefits

  • Clear writing prompts that are designed to be quick and easy to answer.
  • Gratitude practices to help you cultivate a positive mindset.
  • Inspirational quotes and encouragement provided each day.
  • Space for personal reflection, setting daily goals, and progress tracking.
  • A Listen B*tch affirmations card deck is available to compliment the journal (sold separately).

With its unique combination of humor and tough talk, the Listen B*tch Affirmation Journal is an excellent choice if you’d like to inject some fun into your manifestation journey!

12. The Growth Mindset Positivity Journal

Best Reflection Journal for Developing a Positive Mindset

Best Manifestation Journals for 2023 | Manifest a Perfect Life

The Growth Mindset Positivity Journal is designed to help you harness the power of positive thinking to improve your life and reach your goals. 

It includes 365 days of individual prompts to help you cultivate greater confidence, resilience, and leadership skills. By starting each day with a meaningful reflection, you’ll be able to develop a habit of positive thinking and become more aware of all the positive skills and attributes you already have.

And with this new self-awareness and positive mindset, you’ll be unstoppable.

Key Benefits

  • Unique daily writing prompts for deeper reflections on yourself and what you want to achieve in life.
  • Undated, so you can use it at any time.
  • Simple format that makes filling in each day quick and easy.

The Growth Mindset Positivity Journal can be a great way to change your mindset and see yourself in a whole new light.

What Is a Manifestation Journal?

A manifestation journal is simply a journal that helps you to create and track your manifestation goals. Many of the great spiritual traditions throughout the world suggest that thoughts become things. So, by using a journal as an outlet to focus your thoughts on achieving your dreams, you can turn them into reality.

Manifestation journals come with all sorts of features and tools, including prompts and affirmations, journaling pages, guided meditation tools, habit tracking and progress tracking. 

Whether you’re a new or experienced manifestor, having the right manifestation journal can make all the difference in achieving your goals. 

The Power Behind Writing Down Goals

Research shows that jotting down goals significantly increases your chances of achieving them by engaging both parts of your brain: dreaming (right hemisphere) and taking action (left hemisphere). 

So when you write about manifesting love or financial abundance in a manifestation journal, it sets off processes across the entire brain towards making those realities happen.

However, this doesn’t mean simply scribbling wishes haphazardly will make them come true overnight. Consistent effort, where each entry serves as a reminder of what we want most out of life, motivates us to take actions aligned with those desires.

The Benefits of Using the Best Manifestation Journals

As we’ve explored in this article, a manifestation journal is not just an ordinary notebook – it serves as a personal spaces where you can express desires, set goals, and track progress. And manifestation journaling is recognized to come with many benefits.

1. Enhance Self-Awareness

As you regularly record your thoughts, feelings, and aspirations within these pages, you start to become more attuned to your inner world. 

This mindfulness helps you get to know yourself better, and what naturally motivates you. Self-knowledge can also lead you towards better decision-making skills as you identify patterns that could be blocking your growth or success.

Introspection is vital when it comes to improving various aspects of life, such as developing relationships, making career choices, or improving your health. And journaling can greatly support this process, offering space to reflect and grow emotionally and intellectually over time.

2. Promote Goal Achievement

By writing down your goals in clear, specific terms, you create a visual affirmation of what you want to achieve. This process helps to crystallize your intentions and makes your goals more tangible. 

As you journal, the act of revisiting your goals regularly keeps them forefront in your mind – helping you maintain focus and motivation. 

In addition, the process of recording progress and reflecting on challenges provides valuable insight and learning, which can be used to refine strategies and enhance your chances of achieving your goals. 

How to Use a Manifestation Journal Effectively

You’ve learned what manifestation journals are, their benefits, and how they work. Now, let’s review some of the techniques that can help you use a manifestation journal more effectively. 

1. Set Clear Intentions

The first step towards effective use of any manifestation methods, including journals, involves setting clear intentions. Your intentions should be specific, yet flexible enough to allow room for growth or changes along the way.

This process isn’t about merely writing down your goals and what you want, but also understanding why you want to achieve these goals, and how achieving them would align with your core values and beliefs. 

One proven strategy includes using SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound) goal-setting principles. These principles bring clarity and focus to your goals, while ensuring they’re realistic and achievable within a set timeframe.

Manifestation journals often include prompts designed specifically to help with this aspect, which makes it easier to formulate clear goals and intentions.

2. Keep It Regular

Studies show that the more frequently you journal, the more significant the benefits. The act of writing itself helps to solidify your goals in your mind, creating a stronger mental image and making them feel more real. 

When you journal often, it’s as if you’re telling your subconscious mind, “I am serious about this.” This sends a clear, consistent message to the universe about your intentions.

Not only that, but consistent journaling also provides a record of your journey, tracking your progress, and reminding you of your growth over time.

And keep in mind that consistency is more important than length. A few minutes each day, or every few days, can go a long way towards manifesting your desires.

3. Use Visuals

Don’t underestimate the power of adding visual elements to your manifestation journal. 

Your subconscious mind works through pictures and symbols, so images will be able to communicate directly with your subconscious. 

If you’re artistically inclined, consider drawing images related to your goals and dreams. Alternatively, you can paste pictures or create vision board-style pages in your journal. This powerful visualization technique can help bring what you’re manifesting to life.

FAQs in Relation to Best Manifestation Journals

1. Which journal is best for manifestation?

Every person is unique, so the best manifestation journal for you is that one that you would most enjoy using. Take a look through the journals I’ve reviewed in this article and see which one stands out to you the most. 

2. What is the best manifestation planner?

The best manifestation planner is the one that you think you could actually follow and stick with over time. I’ve described the Manifestation Planner here, but there are other possibilities as well.

3. What are powerful journal prompts for manifestation?

Prompts like “My ideal life looks like…”, “I am grateful for…”, and “In order to achieve my goals, I will…” can stimulate powerful manifestations.

4. Is journaling good for manifesting?

Absolutely! Journaling aids in clarifying thoughts, focusing intentions, releasing limiting beliefs, and attracting desired outcomes into reality.


The best manifestation journals are transformative tools that can help you create your ideal life.

They provide a space for introspection, goal setting, and tracking progress – all vital elements in the journey towards personal growth and success. 

The best manifestation journal for you will be one that caters to your unique needs and that you’d enjoy using consistently. Remember, it’s not just about writing down your goals, but understanding why they matter to you.  

This deeper knowing will help motivate you as you take action to realize your dreams.


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